How i got Midjourney generating nude picture

Midjourney, the famous image artificial intelligence is suppose to prevent user from generating naked picture. Tape a prompt with naked or any word involving nudity and it will be refused. But…

Pamela Anderson from Midjourney, still no apparent nudity…

Naked is not banned on midjourney

But it seems like the MidJourney ingeniours didn’t get that far in the blocking algorithm. With a few tentatives on the famous model Pamela Anderson, we achieve some pretty nude images, without any naked words…

Still not naked…

No naked words

Yes, you can’t ask to midjourney any naked words in your prompt. You can even not ask for a sexy wearing dress. So how those like nude images are possible?

So, Midjourney, still no nudity??

Midjourney is an artificial intelligence system, but not that intelligence. How did we achieve this result? Ask us in the comment! 😉

Pamela anderson, kind of naked… no?

2 Comments How i got Midjourney generating nude picture

  1. Nilsa 16 avril 2023 at 21h43

    how you do that?

  2. lo 20 avril 2023 at 12h22

    Hello Nilsa. As Midjourney will not let you prompt any « nude or naked word », you have to tell him a story, a scene, involving nudity, without any nude word… Tell me if you acheive your goal, if not i can give you an example…


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